EL KADESIA E 2209-17


AWS A5.4:   E 2209-17

EN ISO 3581-A: E 22 9 3 N L R 3 2

Rutile electrode, designed for ferritic-austenitic duplex steels, Field of applications are in off-shore engineering and in the chemical industry. high mechanical strength and toughness, the weld metal is also noted for excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting resistance. excellent positional weldability. the good wetting characteristics, slag removability, resistance to porosity with a fully alloyed core wire providing best corrosion resistance and a very homogeneous micro structure with specified ferrite contents of 30 – 60 FN.


Typical Composition of all-weld Metal


Mechanical properties of all-weld Metal


Operating Data

Re – drying: if necessary: 300 – 350 ºC, min. 2 h.

Welding Positions

  • All, except vertical down


  • AC & DC (+)


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