The Company

The Company

El-Kadesia Engineering Industries

is the Egyptian market leader in manufacturing of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) since 1985 by its founder Mr. Naguib Gwefel; who acquired the Know-how and technology of this industry from Böhler Welding Austria.

El-Kadesia had operated under license from Böhler Austria; until 2010 .

In 2011 El-Kadesia decided to proceed independently relying on its own brand name. Now formulating its strategy to access and infiltrate foreign markets, meet those Markets’ demands and meet their customers’ expectations.Currently El Kadesia™ produces 5 main types of electrodes: Rutile, Cellulose, basic coated, low alloyed and stainless steel electrodes. The five types are manufactured using the latest technology and equipment’s recommended in this industry. All our products are manufactured according to the requirements of American Welding Society (AWS) and European Standard (EN ).
ASME ( American Society of Mechanical Engineering)

El-Kadesia™ products serve several sectors including oil & gas, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, construction, electricity, fertilizers, and along with several other sectors.

El-Kadesia factory is located in the 10th of Ramadan Industrial city in Egypt with more than 250 employees operating on a 21,000 square meter premises with a capacity of 20,000 tons annually.
Our Vision

El Kadesia is a Leadership in the production of all types of welding electrodes as the largest company in the Middle East and North Africa. Pioneers in a renewed world.

Our Mission

Reaching to new horizons in the expansion of the local & global markets, the continuity of leadership , growth and integration by achieving the expectations of our customers & partners.