EL KADESIA E 2594-16


AWS A5.4: E 2594-16

Rutile coated electrode type. Designed for welding of super duplex steel and equivalent steel grades such as 1.4410 / UNS S32570, 1.4507 / UNS S32550 and 1.4501 / UNS S32760, used in desalination, pulp & paper, flue gas desulfurization and seawater systems. Properties of the weld metal match those of the parent metal, offering high tensile strength and toughness as well as an excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and localized corrosion in chloride containing environments. Designed for welding in all positions.


Typical Composition of all-weld Metal


Mechanical properties of all-weld Metal


Operating Data

Re – drying : if necessary: 300 – 350 ºC, min. 2 h.

Welding Positions

  • All, except vertical down


  • DC (+)


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