AWS A5.1:   E7018 -1H4R

EN ISO 2560-A: E 42 5 B 42 H5


Basic coated engineered electrode for high-quality welds. Exceptional strength and toughness properties down to – 50 º C, Deposition efficiency about 110 %. Good welding in all position except for vertical-down, Very low Hydrogen content in the weld metal (under AWS container HD ≤ 4 ml/100g). The electrode is suitable for joint welding in steel, boiler, container, vehicle, ship and machine construction, and as well as a buffer layer for build-up welds with high-carbon steels. Suitable for welding steels of low purity and high carbon content. Particularly suitable for offshore constructions, CTOD-tested at -10 º C.



Typical Composition of all-weld Metal


Mechanical Test of weld Metal

– Deposition efficiency          110 %                                     – Moisture test       OK

     – Diffusible hydrogen limit for weld as per ASME II part C         ≤ 4 ml / 100 gm weld metal

Operating Data

Re – drying: if necessary: 300 – 350 ºC, min. 2 h.

Welding Positions

  • All, except vertical down


  • DC (+)